Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Fifth Element

The element of 'International trade and investments' can't be ignored in this fast shrinking world of business. The corporations sustain and improve their profitability through overseas expansion by exploiting the ever-shrinking global arbitrages. In recent months, series of change is being pushed by the regulatory authorities to realize the global oppportunities. One of the significant efforts being done by securities regulators to ease thr reporting requirement for foreign listed companies by the SEC . The Securities and Exchange Commission, a few days back said that " it would abandon the law's cumbersome rules that made overseas companies skittish about listing here because of onerous hurdles that would need to be cleared if they ever wanted to pull out of the U.S. stock market."1Targeted Deregulation at this point of time may transform the "roach motel " back to "hotel california". Also, this may be a good time for loosening the clasp of SOX for small firms.
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